A Local Hero

An accomplished wrestler and athlete Arjun Bhullar was born and raised on a Cranberry farm in East Richmond. Arjun is the son of Indian immigrants who arrived in Vancouver in the early 1970s. Arjun’s father Avtar was a wrestler himself and encouraged Arjun to pursue the sport.

At a very young age Arjun became interested in wrestling. Over the years he has competed on the international level and has won numerous medals in high level competition such as the senior and junior National Championships. Most recently he competed in the U21 pan American Championships and he is currently training to qualify for the next Olympic Games in London, England.

Arjun trains at Simon Fraser University with the SFU wrestling team and the Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club. It is his ultimate goal to win an Olympic medal in the sport of wrestling.

As a lifelong resident of Richmond Arjun is aware of the lack of wrestling organizations in his hometown, it is also his goal to establish the Bhullar Wrestling Academy.

The aim of the organization is to instil the many lessons Arjun has learned, and is still learning. Arjun believes there is a method and certain steps that people need to take in order to ensure success. The Bhullar Academy will prepare the athlete so they are successful in whatever they intend to pursue. Wrestling will only be one of the focal points of the organization. The Bhullar Wrestling Academy will involve parents as well, as it is important to educate them on how best to ensure their kids’ success. The Bhullar Wrestling Academy will hopefully reinforce the idea of healthy living and the importance of a healthy home environment.

The organization will look to help build the community into a confident, determined, physically and mentally sound group of people. Currently Arjun’s organization has not confirmed a location, but he is confident that it will be somewhere within Richmond.


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